Editor’s Postscript October Term, 2023

We used to share new articles on Twitter and Facebook, but we’ve stopped doing that.

Twitter stopped posting a few months ago because they started chargingfor API use and their service became unstable when they switched to X. Last month, Facebook also stopped posting our announcements.

I can still use Facebook, but I stopped posting because few people get notified of updates and visit the site. It seems unnecessary to inform others about the site.

Adding too many useful functions may slow down the site, so we aim to remove self-serving functions.

This site got rid of the sidebar that’s commonly present in blogs to make it run faster. Also, I just removed the display of social media follow buttons.

I’m considering not showing tags anymore. Although this isn’t just limited to our site, most readers don’t seem to use them.

I find “note” to be an excellent blog UI which maintains user experience despite its simple design. This website’s appearance is similarly becoming like “note”.

Many personal blogs still have a sidebar with several links and a tag cloud. I can’t see the sidebar, but I’m curious if anyone reads it.

Short videos are really popular right now, but when it comes to keeping and accessing information later on, nothing beats written content. I’ve been writing on the web for over 25 years, and running this site for 23, and I plan to keep on writing. The site’s only strength is its longevity, and it’s also its weakness.

That the style of photography is changing rapidly (toward uninteresting family photos).

I’m proud of myself, but my photography has been evolving quickly since I started using a new system that limits photo storage in Google Photos.

I wrote about this in last month’s Editor’s Postscript. I felt the difference immediately.

Editorial Postscript FY09/2023 【The English version of the site has stopped being updated.】 In early spring, I worked quite hard to create an English version of Awaremitai OnTheWeb (awar...

This defensive behavior in my photography has become a habit over time.

As a result, I take fewer photos to explain a situation. In other words, I stopped taking photos of my surroundings as I used to before. For instance, when I’m traveling now I don’t take pictures to record simple things like the ticket gate or as I am getting on a train.

Even in a restaurant, I don’t always take pictures of the food anymore. Now, I don’t even snap food pictures when I try new eateries. What’s the use? I’ve begun to question, “Why take pictures at all?

Why bother with this?” This inquiry pains me greatly, especially given my age. And it causes a dull ache.

Suppose I pursued study and obtained some form of certification. What would be the purpose of that certification?

Let’s say I visit a museum and view an artwork. I ask, “What does it signify?”

When I was young, every encounter expanded my potential and opportunities for the future. However, now at the age of 49, I question, “How will this experience benefit me in the future?” I come across many more situations that appear to have little to no relevance for my future. It’s good to try new things, but it can be exhausting and leave me feeling empty. Sometimes when I get sidetracked, I think, “I don’t want to do anything new because it’s too much work.”

This is how people age.

When I see my father getting older, I wonder if he stopped learning at some point. It’s great that he became well-rounded, but he aged rapidly. That’s normal though.

I have a two-year-old son myself. I would like to do something for my son without exhausting myself.

English page creation has been resumed in a modest way.

The amount of pages on the English version of Awalemitai OnTheWeb is increasing slowly, although it’s not much.I stopped re-reading the machine translations and editing the strange parts.Rather, I continue to add more bizarre English pages without editing them.

To make sure my writing can be easily translated, I’m using subjects and particles that are often left out in Japanese writing.So why am I writing in English again?It’s because I was amazed by the number of foreign visitors during my visit to Kamikochi the other day.Of all the foreign tourists, around 10% or even more were from Western countries, China, and Southeast Asia. However, I didn’t come across any Indian, Middle Eastern, or African people.

I think there should be an English page solely for “Hebereke Kiko.” Saying it “needs” may sound like a sales pitch, but some may want to read it.

This site is like a diary. I want to write articles that are valuable, so I will improve the English page gradually. Updating articles about events from several years ago in English would not be current. The “Oka Deus” section will have fewer new articles, so I suggest increasing the frequency of updates in the “Hebereke Kiko” section in exchange.


I’m into a band called “Juliana’s Possession,” but they perform live, making them unsuitable as background music while working. For working hours, I prefer nonstop playing DJMIX songs.

This month, I used HIROKO YAMAMURA’s trendy techno sounds as BGM.



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