Let’s look back at past raves: how I feel after a year of using a robot vacuum cleaner with dust station (Honiture q6 pro).

ダストステーション付きロボット掃除機を新たに導入する(2022年春の陣) わが家では、ロボット掃除機が1日1回必ず家中を掃除することになっている。 「ルンバ」の登場により世間に衝撃を与えてはや10年くらいは経つだろうか?ロボット掃除機肯...

Lately, I can write with a lot of enthusiasm when I say, “I bought something new! I bought something new!

But they have little motivation to introduce products carefully, and churn out throwaway Germanic articles that say, “For more information, please visit Amazon’s product pages.

If you are trying to make affiliate income, it is too messy. That’s right, I’m just too lazy to write detailed specs and stuff, so I just put everything on Amazon.

The reason we do not refer directly to the manufacturer’s site is because we believe that the manufacturer’s site only describes what is convenient, and what we want to know is the word-of-mouth reputation.

So I’ll try to anticipate the throwaway German product introduction article from time to time. My impressions of how it works after using it for a while.

This time it’s the Honiture q6 pro, a robot vacuum cleaner introduced in June 2022. It was the type with the dust station that was starting to become popular, and luckily I was able to buy it for 27,710 yen.

I’ve been using it for about 9 months and it’s still going strong, running around the house every day, no problems with operation. In a word, I am very happy.

The spatial perception of the room does not go haywire and get lost, nor does it fail to return to the charging station. That’s a big deal. I thought it was a “cheap or cheap” stinker.

I was concerned about the paper packs in the dust station, but after running the vacuum cleaner around the house for about 30 minutes each day, I let it automatically pick up the trash each time. The paper box was full and only needed to be replaced every three months. I was a little surprised that the catalog specifications were true.

At one point, an error sound demanding replacement of the paper box sounded and the machine stopped working, even though the paper box had not been replaced for some time. I was prepared to believe that the machine was malfunctioning. In fact, it was not.

The dust that is automatically sucked up by the robot vacuum cleaner is connected to the paper pack through a tube in the dust station, but the error was caused by debris clogging this tube. Apparently, there is a sensor in the dust station that detects the suction power, and when the air flow drops, it determines that the paper pack is full and prompts the user to replace it.

This time, it was not because the paper packs were full, but because the ductwork was clogged. Specifically, two or three small children’s toys were stuck. I stuck my fingers in and removed the toys, and the error disappeared.

Does a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Need a Dust Station? My initial doubts about the need for a dust station in a robot vacuum cleaner have now been completely dispelled. Once a person learns how easy it is, there is no going back. I can no longer live without the Dust Station. I don’t want to have to shovel the dust out of the robot every few days, throw it away, and wash it like I used to.

Automatic garbage collection, really convenient.

But there is a drawback. Since the cleaning of the house is left to the robot vacuum cleaner + the collected garbage is automatically vacuumed into a paper bag, there is no way for humans to notice “things that are actually necessary that were accidentally sucked up as garbage”.

The children’s toy that caused the plumbing blockage earlier was also a small but not lost item. There are probably a number of toys that have gone missing, and there will be more in the future. After all, children can never be 100% perfect when you tell them to put their toys away, and toys that end up behind the sofa or table will be abandoned.

But the robot vacuum cleaner also picks up all those things.

It is expensive to buy consumables such as paper packs and brushes in Japan. So I buy them from AliExpress.

↑If you buy them on Amazon, they cost 700 yen to a little over 1,000 yen per paper pack. On AliExpress, however, you can buy them for half or even a quarter of that price. And some products come with free shipping. Where do they make their money?

They are shipped from China upon receipt of order, so it takes about one to two weeks to arrive. Still, the price is extremely low. I was a little nervous that I might get something of poor quality, but so far I have not received anything of visibly poor workmanship. Buying not only Chinese products, but also compatible parts for Japanese products from AliExpress is a good option.

Maybe I will have a chance to win the lottery at some point. So I feel like I am playing Russian roulette.

AliExpress is a mail order site operated by Alibaba, a major mail order site in China, mainly for overseas customers. The Japanese version of the site is also available, so you will not feel any inconvenience in using the site. Payments can be made through Paypal, so there is no need to worry about your credit card number being stolen.

However, the user interface may be based on Chinese business practices, or it may be confusing. I wanted a robot vacuum cleaner with a main brush and a side brush, but I mistakenly bought a water mop. Actually, I wanted the main brush and side brush of the robot vacuum cleaner, but I mistakenly bought a water mop. You have to be a little careful when you buy one.

I’ve been sending them ads ever since, and even though I’ve marked them as spam in Gmail, they keep changing my email address and keep sending them, which is annoying. Well, it’s a weird e-commerce site, but it’s very cheap, so it’s not a problem.

Today, for the first time in a while, I took a quick look at the robot vacuums for sale on Amazon, and found many robot vacuums with dust bins, with the functions generally lined up side by side. The prices have become more reasonable, and I feel that we are entering a period of popularization.

If you try to buy a robot vacuum cleaner at an electronics store, you will find that there are very few choices and the prices are high. However, if you look at online retailers, not just Amazon, you will find that there are a myriad of products to choose from, and they are all highly functional for the price, which is very interesting. It would be foolish to buy in a store, so if you are considering buying, it would be a good idea to look for EC sites.



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