Let’s look back at past acclaim: desk customization is a work in progress.

Flexispot electric elevating desk installed when we moved into our new house.

I have been using it for almost two years and it is still in service, of course.

【できることならマストバイ】電動昇降式デスクの威力 2020年秋、僕の左肩を五十肩が襲い、それは9か月以上経過した今でも現在進行形として引き継いでいる。 さまざまなグッズで肩をケアしてきたのは、以前記事に書いたとお...

I was so excited when it was introduced that I wrote a major article about it, and the excitement I felt then still remains as I work and write for this site.

However, the biggest goal when the system was first introduced was, “Sitting for long periods of time is not good. It is also important to work standing up. This is because people sit down when they are concentrating on their work.

However, it is very nice to be able to adjust the height of the desk in millimeters, depending on the task.

This is because the optimal desk height is different for each situation: writing, typing long sentences on the keyboard, watching videos, going to meetings, and so on. I am still glad I bought it because it can handle all of these situations.

However, I still think I would have preferred the E7pro to the E7 that was introduced in our house.

The E7 consists of a top panel and legs in the shape of a katakana “E” when viewed from the side, while the E7pro has a “U” shape.

In terms of strength, the “E”-shaped legs are more secure. However, the “U” shape is better because in the “E” shape, the skeleton of the legs runs across the middle of the top board and gets in the way. This is not a problem when you sit properly, but when you cross your legs, your legs interfere with this skeleton, which is disappointing.

Since I spend more than 10 hours a day at this desk, it is only when I feel bored that I feel the need to bring more comfortable goods to my desk. When I’m in a good mood, I don’t mind at all.

The first thing that caught my attention, or rather the target of replacement, was this.

To be precise, it is a very cheap Chinese-made product similar to this Elecom-made one. According to the article on this site at that time, it was purchased for less than 1,000 yen.

I thought the ring light would be useful for online meetings, but it was completely useless. The ring was too small and the light intensity was not enough.

Whether it is a laptop or a smartphone, online meetings are usually held at an “angle looking up at the person from slightly below. In this case, the room lighting on the ceiling would have a direct effect on the person’s face, darkening the face due to backlighting. The inexpensive ring light did not have enough light to compensate for this. (It is unclear if this is the case with the Elecom product shown as an example above. Perhaps Elecom could be a little better.)

In the end, this was to remain as a tabletop lamp for the rest of its life.

At night, after my wife and children are asleep in the next room, I work on my PC with only a ring light.

When I work alone at night, I don’t like to light the room like this because it feels mismatched, and I feel more comfortable when the room is dimly lit.

The concept of our house is “not to light the whole house evenly. We avoid lighting every corner of the house as much as possible, and only light the areas that need it and dim the areas that don’t need it. This ring light tabletop lamp is a part of that.

However, it was only a cheap one, and the light suddenly stopped turning on without any apparent reason. Whether the wire was disconnected or not, the cause was completely unknown. Well, it can’t be helped.

For a while, I was working at night with the LED ceiling light on the ceiling, but the room seemed bleak and dreary. I would like to have a light that illuminates only my hand. That’s why I bought this.

Bar Light? What’s that? It is a bar-shaped LED light that sits on top of an external PC display.

I was initially skeptical about its role, but the more I looked into it, the more I liked it.

Putting a light on top of the display? What is the point of illuminating an already bright display any more than it already is? I thought, “What’s the point of putting a light on top of the display? In other words, the area on the desk where the keyboard and other items are placed will be brightened.

Previous ring lights were not cool looking and the wiring was not clean.

However, this bar light is wired behind the display and its body is bar-shaped so it does not obstruct the view. In any case, it is stylish. The straight shape is suitable for men.

However, this is not a light for online meetings. This is because it is a light specialized for illuminating the hand. So if you need a new light to illuminate your face, you will have to buy a separate one for that purpose.

Also, with a traditional ring light, you could quickly turn the light to illuminate the bed next to your desk and use it to lie down and read a book. This is not the case with a ring light. It is specialized for illuminating the area about 20 cm in front of the display, and it really has a single function.

If you still want to try it, by all means, this is a crazy product. However, the satisfaction after installation is quite high. At least for me.

I couldn’t find out which manufacturer’s bar light was the best.

Recently, word-of-mouth on the Internet has become so extensive that it has become difficult to judge a product purchase. While some people say they are “upbeat”, others say they are “downbeat” and vice versa, and so on.

The Quntis brand I bought is one of the more expensive products. Conversely, I was too scared to buy a product of a questionable brand sold at half the price.

There are two bar lengths, 40 cm and 52 cm. 52 cm is more expensive, of course, but I bought the 52 cm. It was the right choice. The width was almost the same as the width of my 23.8 inch display.

A 40-centimeter bar is enough to just “light up the hand. A 40-centimeter bar would make you think “I’m too stingy” every time.

There are also models with remote controls that allow you to turn on/off, adjust the brightness, and adjust the color temperature, but I did not find it necessary to purchase them.

I guess it depends on the person, but I don’t have any need to adjust the light while operating a PC. I don’t like to have more things on my desk, so I think this is an item for people who like more things to buy.



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