It’s hard to listen to classical music on Amazon Music.

In our living room, we have Amazon’s Echo Show smart speaker.

When it’s time to get up, it starts saying things like, “Good morning, it’s Fat Tuesday, Fat Monday. It starts talking about my plans for the day, the price of bitcoin, etc., and then plays music for 20 minutes.

I am not interested in virtual currency. I am not interested in virtual currency at all, but I do enjoy having the smart speaker talk about all sorts of things and turn on and off all the appliances in my house.

I change the music that plays for 20 minutes every day.

In fact, I only specify “classical music” and hope to hear a classical masterpiece in the morning.

In reality, however, Joe Hisaishi’s music was played more often than true classical music when “classical” was specified.

I think that Joe Hisaishi’s music is beautiful. But it is not what I want to listen to. If I want to listen to it, I will make a proper request again to “play Joe Hisaishi’s music,” so please don’t play it when I specify “classical music.

There was a time when I tried to manually enter the song titles every day the night before so that I could listen to the songs that are considered classical classics every day. It still didn’t work, so I finally gave up.

For example, if you type in “Beethoven,” you would expect to hear Beethoven’s music. But the world of classical music is not so simple. The composer’s name is not always spelled the same way, such as “Beethoven” or “Beethoven.

Moreover, even if you think, “Since we’re going to go through the trouble, let’s have Beethoven’s symphonies played every day from the first to the ninth,” not all the symphonies are recorded. I am surprised that even Beethoven’s symphonies are not included.

I also want to hear a symphony from the first movement to the last, but they only play the most famous ones.

If there is no music, the Echo Show says “No music found” and shuts down. It’s a little disappointing in the morning to see that.



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