Western-style chairs, but he sits upright

Children go through many changes as they grow up, and eating is one of the most important.

He started by being held by his mother and drinking breast milk, later he learned to drink milk from a bottle, he started to eat baby food while sitting in a chair, and recently he started to eat dinner at the dining table with his parents.

In order to share the dining table, we bought a dining chair for the child, but Takeh, our son, has not yet mastered how to use it.

The parents’ plan was that since the chairs were height-adjusted for children, we hoped his posture would be crisp. In reality, he seems confused about how to sit and his posture is odd. I wonder if his legs aren’t going numb, or if he’s not cramped in that outfit while his parents watch.

Of course, the parents make him correct his posture frequently. Even so, he can only maintain the correct posture for a short time, and soon he is in an awkward position. Eventually, he even misbehaves by putting his feet on the dining room table.

When a child does not behave as the parent expects, the parent may wonder, “Is it my parent’s fault? But when the child does not behave as the parent expects, the parent often asks, “Is it the parent’s bad training? However, if we take the time to correct the situation without worrying about every little detail, the child’s discipline will gradually improve. I think it is important not to rush things.

Since he has been eating at the same table as his parents, he has begun to do the following: “If there is a plate in the middle of the table with a dish he wants to eat, he will share more of it on his own plate. Instead of sneaking food, he takes the food where his parents can see him, smiling weakly and looking at them.

He is probably trying to figure out what to do to make his parents mad at him, and although he is only two years old, he is very cunning.



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