“AWAREMI-TAI OnTheWeb” website structure

AWAREMI-TAI Activity Record

A record of the activities of the “AWAREMI-TAI,” a group of sudden activists.

At first, we started our activities as a “remote island tent camp group” inspired by the famous Japanese essayist Makoto Shiina, but as we got older, each of us became “We have no time, but we have money,” and there is no consistency in what we are doing. We do what we want to do, when we want to do it. That is the motto of the Awaremitai.

Drunken Travelogue

This is a section where I write about my travels that are not directly related to AWAREMI-TAI.

Since my personality is such that I usually get carried away and drink too much when I go on a trip, I dared to change the title of this corner to “Hebereke Kiko” (Travels of a Drunkard). Where will the wandering drunken man be found today?

In 2013, he quit drinking, which he loved so much, once and for all, and a whole new journey began there.

In Between the Eating Hells

My daily thoughts about food, events, and restaurant visits.

Long stories that delve into the topic of food and trial and error will appear in the “Declaration of Stomach Supremacy” section. This section is a collection of short stories that deal with food topics in a light-hearted manner.

Although many of the articles are very old chronologically, they are Okaden’s “youthful indiscretions” when he was in his 20s. Incidentally, the year 2000, when the most articles were written, was when Okaden was 26 years old.

Declaration of Supremacy stomach

Let’s eat to the last drop and find out.

This is a corner where I experiment and write about this, that, and whatever comes to mind related to food. What is it?” If he thinks, “What is it?” he tries it out, and if he thinks, “Oh, this is it,” he attacks it. This is a group of documentary writings describing the eating habits of Okaden.

Thought Process Revolving Payments

Not a trip, not a meal, a fluffy topic.

Not the trip, not the food, but what I thought and saw. Fluffy topics.

The name “revolving thoughts” is a self-deprecating title for my lack of knowledge, which I try to avoid “zero balance” by taking small trips.

Note: Since many of the articles were written in the old days, please read them with due consideration of the world situation at that time. The contents are not in line with the current situation and include many youthful misconceptions, but they have been left as they are.


Okaden 47 years old. He is now the father of a child.
Will I grow old first, or will my child grow up first?