Observe the behavior of the buckwheat people– SOBA –

This is a record of observation of the behavior of Okaden, a man who eats buckwheat noodles.

He just keeps on eating Soba and drinking sake. That is what I like about it.

In the winter of 2000, he started eating Soba, which he did not really like, simply because "Soba restaurants serve sake in the daytime. From there, I became addicted to Soba, and the number of Soba restaurants I visited grew and grew until now.

The purpose of this corner is to "observe the behavior" of "Soba-eaters (Okaden)". Therefore, the articles in this corner are not a report of visiting Soba noodle shops. It is only a "record of Okaden's behavior when he visited a soba restaurant. Therefore, the explanation of the "circumstances" leading up to entering the restaurant is longer than the introduction of the soba noodles and dishes.

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