First time shopping at a cashless experience corner

When I heard that there was an event for children, my son Take and I went to the event. We got there before the doors opened because it was a weekend and we expected it to be crowded. It seemed that everyone was thinking the same thing, and we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw how crowded it was. Parents and children stood together in the crowd.

There were long lines in the most popular areas. Here and there you could see parents willing to put their children in strollers and wait an hour or two for their child’s turn.

That’s hard, we can’t imitate it, so we gave up early and decided to look for an open corner.

There I found a “free cashless payment experience corner”.

The loaned IC card is loaded with the equivalent of 50 yen. The customer selects a candy bar from the counter, adds it to the shopping cart, and then inserts the IC card into the machine to complete the payment.

Even though it is called “trick-or-treating,” you can get the candy you choose.

When I explain the rules to him, he doesn’t seem to understand them very well. When I ask him, “Do you understand? This is a habit of his, but it does not mean that he really understands. Rather, it is when he does not understand that he uses the word “hi”.

But he seems so happy when he hangs his IC card around his neck and picks up his little shopping basket. He somehow feels like an adult.

He looked like he was good at it, so I let him choose freely and he grabbed “Kabayaki Santaro” and I stopped him and said, “Wait, wait, let’s not do that.



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