My child loves playing in the sand these days.

Children’s preferences for play are constantly changing.

This is not because children are easily bored, but because as they live, their physical abilities increase, their thought processes become clearer, and the range of what they can do and understand expands.

A year ago, when I took my one-year-old son Takeh to the sandbox, he did not seem to enjoy it at all. He didn’t even want to touch the sand. When I saw that, I thought, “Oh, my son doesn’t like to play in the sand.

But now he loves to play in the sandbox. Not so long ago, he would always want to go to the slides and the sports facilities, but these days he skips the slides and goes to the sandbox.

I wrote an article earlier about buying a blower.

The story of how I bought three air purifiers (plus a blower that worked great) because I was sca... The pollen for spring 2023 is the worst in the last 10 years. The increase in the amount of cedar pollen in the air has been in the news year after year, and...

We bought the blower because he comes home from the sandbox with a lot of sand in his shoes and we want to blow away any sand that falls around the front door.

As children grow, the furniture and appliances they need change.



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