First time ordering a kid’s plate.

Whenever we eat out, my son Takeh is always invited to join his parents for dinner.

He is not yet two years old, so ordering for one is premature. Moreover, he has food allergies that require him to be vigilant about his diet, so I can’t order food from the restaurant without hesitation.

However, although it is fine for now, when he is around 3 years old, he will no longer be able to say, “I don’t want children’s food, I will share my parents’ food. Restaurants are also a business. They have to ask each person to order one dish. They must be annoyed if they have to serve food brought from home because of a food allergy.

So we are beginning to envision the coming “day when we will order food for our son as well.

If you eat at a café, you can probably clear the quota of one item per person by asking for juice. If you are at a family restaurant, you will probably find a list of allergy foods on the menu. If you are eating at a hotel restaurant or a slightly upscale restaurant, they will probably tell you if there are any food items to which you are allergic, and in some cases, they may be able to remove them.

With these thoughts in mind, I visited a familiar cafe. The restaurant had a kids’ plate, a menu item for children, so I decided to give it a try. I was familiar with the kitchen staff, so it was easy to confirm any allergies.

What came out was gratin, apple juice, and cake. I have already confirmed that it does not contain any of the ingredients to which Takeh is allergic.

Come on, son, it’s the first time in your life that you’re eating out “just for you. Eat to your heart’s content. There’s juice, there’s dessert. It’s going to be great.

As a father, I feel like I’ve spent a fortune. 780 yen, as I recall. If the family of three eats out from now on, it will cost that much in addition to what we have spent so far. I thought to myself, “This is going to cost me a lot.

I reminded him to eat, eat, eat, and be satisfied with his meal, but he was not so enthusiastic and ate only a little bit of gratin and left most of it. He didn’t eat any of the cake or juice. Hey!

This is why children are like this… There is a saying, “A parent’s heart knows no child,” and I truly and sincerely agree.This is why children are like this… There is a saying, “A parent’s heart knows no child,” and I truly and sincerely agree.



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