My son Takeh, expanding our territory.

My oven-microwave oven, which I have used for nine years, has broken down and I have to buy a new one.

My home has a large collection of appliances that I purchased in 2013. The reason for this is that in 2013 I made the decision to give up alcohol, move and renew my life. When I moved, I bought new appliances and furniture that I had been using.

俺の引っ越し2013 2013年秋、おかでん引っ越し計画の備忘録。引っ越しなんてめったにやらないので、たまにこういうイベントが入ると驚きと感心と勉強の連続だ。そういうのをつづっていこ...

Surrounded by my new home, furniture, and appliances, I was elated. However, most home appliances break down after 10 years or so, and in the last year, many of the large appliances in my house have started to break down one after another.

The newly purchased appliances arrived in cardboard boxes, so our living room now has a “sturdy cardboard box” that cannot be easily broken by a child entering it. Of course, my son, Takeh, uses it as his “private room.

Takeh is overjoyed with his new cardboard. He brings a step ladder from the bathroom, climbs in, relaxes for a while, and then exclaims, “Baa! and boasts about it to his parents.

Should I go ahead and drill a hole in the side so the child can get in and out? Or something like that, but he eventually got tired of the box, threw his toys into it with a bang, and treated it like a trash can.

He still doesn’t seem to have the idea of making this cardboard “his secret base!” He does not seem to have the idea of making this cardboard box his secret base. He doesn’t even recognize it as his territory. He simply understands that a new athletic activity has been set up in the living room.

When he gets bored, I put the cardboard away immediately. I don’t want the cardboard in the middle of the living room because it’s in the way. Also, I don’t like the idea that there might be cockroaches lurking in the cardboard.

If he has any imagination, he can play with as much cardboard as he likes. However, most of the appliances have already been updated, and we won’t be receiving any large cardboard boxes for some time to come. Probably.

If it were possible, he would replace the LCD TV that he bought 10 years ago, like all his other appliances. I worry about the possibility of him pushing it over or throwing toys at it and cracking the LCD. If that happens, we will have another large cardboard box delivered to our house.



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