Chewing relentlessly on hina-arare

Since it was the day of the Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Festival), I bought some hina-arare.

Hina-arare, made of rice and sugar, is not a very tasty snack these days. There are many better things in the world. Still, I buy them every year because the red and white colors are festive, and they make my house feel more festive, as if I were celebrating a seasonal event.

I took them out of the bag into a plastic container to preserve them and placed them on the dining room table.

He looked at the hinaarare for a while, which was the first time in his life that he had ever seen it, picked it up, looked at his parents, and then, once he understood that it seemed to be food, he moved very quickly. He began to eat more and more, and continued to eat even when his parents stopped. Eventually they fought over the container, and the fight ended when I took the container of hina-arare out of his hand. All that was left was a sobbing Takeh and the hina-arare scattered on the floor.

I had not expected my child to be so fascinated. Perhaps the crunchy texture is to her liking.



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