It’s a wonder that even with 0.5 vision you don’t miss ants

My son Takeh has a strange sensitivity.

Despite the fact that his hearing is impaired due to a chronic illness, he is able to hear even the slightest sounds of ambulances, airplanes, and trains, which he loves. When Takeh says, “Train!” and we say, “What? Oh, really, I can hear the sound of a train crossing a railroad bridge,” and he realizes that he can hear it.

Other than that, his vision has developed a lot lately. Especially with ants, he notices them really well.

According to my research, a one-year-old’s vision is about 0.2, a two-year-old’s 0.5, and a three-year-old’s 0.8. In other words, Takeh’s eyesight at this point is 0.5 at best.

It is very strange how he can see a small ant with only 0.5 vision.

I think the main reason is that he is only half the size of an adult, so he can see the ground better than an adult. Even if that is the case, I wonder if it would be very difficult for him to live his daily life with only 0.5 vision. I think he has very good eyesight. I myself have very poor eyesight, but I have corrected my eyesight from less than 0.1 to almost 1.2 at one time with my glasses.

Today he stares at the ground and watches ants coming and going. He is still very young, so he wonders, “Where did these ants come from and where are they going?” and he has not come up with the idea of tracking ants. He is just admiring the workings of nature.

I would love to let him climb barefoot, but you never know what kind of sharp objects might fall to the ground in the park. If he accidentally hurts the sole of his foot and gets tetanus, his life could be in danger. I would not go barefoot, and I would let him hone his skills a little more with his shoes.



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