“Let me see if you swallowed it”

My son Takeh, when he comes across a good meal, sometimes crams more and more food into his mouth.

His hand with the spoon moves impatiently, disregarding his own ability to chew. He is completely unbalanced.

We tell him, “Let’s chew and swallow. But he has difficulty chewing and swallowing.

We stop Takeh from reaching for his next meal and ask, “Can you show me if you’ve swallowed your food? I ask, and he opens his mouth. Sometimes he swallows his food properly, sometimes he doesn’t. When he doesn’t swallow, he is aware of it.

When he does not swallow, he seems to be aware of it and makes a mischievous face. He looks happier than when he swallows. When his parents say, “Look, he didn’t swallow. He probably enjoys the fact that his parents are taking care of him and saying, “Look, you didn’t swallow.

I realize that the affection between parents and children is nurtured by this kind of interaction.



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