One day at my son’s table

This is my son’s table for eating. There are four dishes next to a bowl of rice that has sweet potatoes in it.

The variety of items on the table seems plentiful, but my son does not eat everything. He avoids certain dishes completely.

In the past, we followed a strict rule of “he won’t eat this and he will eat that,” but lately he has been trying new things depending on his mood. Therefore, each dish poses a challenge for him, and he still puts them on the table.

For instance, the dish in the foreground is a plate of eggplant and onion stir-fried with miso. He doesn’t like crunchy vegetables, so he doesn’t eat onions much. He’ll have onions in curry or stew, as they’re almost okay.

Lotus root in pork miso soup is another thing he’ll try to see if it’s too hard.

He likes boiled pumpkin, but often shuns the skin. I give him pumpkin with the skin on the side.

We do this process every day and keep trying until we get it right.

The problem is that he spits out his food onto his plate after taking a bite and chewing. If he does that, the food on the plate goes to waste. So, I suggest that he spits it out onto a plate that’s already been used and has nothing left on it.



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