“Philippine Expo” showed me its potential.

Passing by Ueno Park, I went inside to see the “Philippine Expo” that was being held there.

Since the “Taiwan Festival” was held a few days ago, there are a lot of events going on here.

There are various food and beverage stalls, but in general, none of the stores have explanations that are easy for Japanese people to understand.It may be that the stalls are set up with the image of an event by Filipinos for Filipinos. Of course, the people who run the stalls are from the Philippines.

The menu is lined with dishes that I don’t know how to pronounce. It’s not just the pronunciation. I don’t even know what they are.

The dish “ulo ng manok” seems to be a roasted chicken head on a skewer. The appearance of the dish is a bit startling.

I’ve heard that Filipinos like to cook “adobo”, which means “to marinate”.Although there are many unfamiliar dishes, most of the dishes on the shelves are brown.It seems that the national character does not have much of a concept of vegetables being cooked in abundance and color, so to be honest, I thought, “I want to eat that! I want this too! I want this and that!” The dishes are not the kind of food that makes your eyes twitch.

However, we were reminded of how little we know about the cuisine of the Philippines, even though it is a neighboring country. And since there are probably many Filipinos living in Japan, I thought that Filipino food still has room to grow in Japan. I thought that Filipino food still has a lot of room to grow in Japan.

Since rice is the staple food in this country, there is a sense of security in being able to eat dishes that go well with rice. However, Filipino cuisine seems to prefer vinegar, and I got the impression that many of the dishes were sour.They also seem to like chili peppers.Sour and spicy food flavored with soy sauce may be the royal road to Filipino cuisine.

It is doubtful that this kind of food would be suitable for Japanese people, from adults to children, but I thought it was interesting to try a variety of Filipino dishes.I am not too familiar with the cuisine of this area, so if I have a chance, I would like to try Filipino food again.



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