Make your own wild birthday cake.

My partner’s Ishi’s birthday was soon, so we made a cake on the weekend.

Lately, I have been very busy working until 1 a.m. and starting work again at 7:30 a.m. several times in a month. I had little time and energy to make a cake.

I celebrated my birthday at a restaurant. Even though my companion was already aware of it, the restaurant surprised me with a birthday cake. My companion then expressed their dislike for such situations, as they feel insincere due to money being involved. They prefer celebrating birthdays at home and making the cakes themselves.

Regardless of whether I bake the cake at home or serve the food, I always end up purchasing the necessary ingredients from a store. This ultimately requires spending money. While I understand that making my own cakes brings me personal satisfaction, I don’t mean to sound dismissive by saying, “I make cakes with love.”

So, this is the cake for Ishi’s 2023 birthday celebration.

It’s an impressive cake, made possible by my love for Ramen Jiro. I made it purely for my own satisfaction, without considering women’s preferences.

But, feeling guilty about this, I decided to order a tart from a restaurant that brings back good memories for us both.I won’t be so bold as to ask, “How’s the cake?” because this delicious tart will be an addition to our celebration.

I cooked on a weekend when I was free and my sister was at home. She was taking a bath, so I hurried to cook. I like doing things secretly, so I didn’t cook in front of her. I bought ingredients and hid them in the fridge. As soon as she closed the bathroom door, I started cooking.

The cake’s sponge layer was made from a bag full of sponge cake scraps, bought at Don Remy Outlet for 50 cents each. It doesn’t matter to me whether the cake is expensive or not.

The cake had five layers, with whipped cream and frozen fruit mix between them. On top of the cake, I added various cut fruits purchased from the supermarket.

Naseishi wasn’t available, so I couldn’t wait longer.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find pre-packaged whipped cream, so I had to whip it myself with a mixer.

I was busy with this task when I heard the bathroom hair dryer turn off, signaling that it was time to leave.

I hurriedly finished the cake and hid it in the refrigerator, and now I am questioning why I felt the need to hide it. It would’ve been surprising enough if the cake was ready when she returned to the living room, but I decided to hide it in the fridge. Maybe it’s something I’ve always done. She was happy as a result, but it wasn’t much of a surprise.

She was happy as a result, but it wasn’t much of a surprise. She acted surprised in a dramatic way. I told her to take a long bath several times before she finally did it, but the noise of the hand mixer in the kitchen kept interrupting. I’m certain she could hear it in the bathroom.

I intended to write “Happy Birthday Ishi” on the name plate using a white chocolate pen, but the pen’s chocolate was too firm, so I ended up with “Happy Birthday Izbl.” Who is that, by the way? The chocolate didn’t come out well, so I checked the manual for the chocolate pen. It instructed me to heat the pen to 50 degrees Celsius or higher before writing to ensure the chocolate melted properly. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to melt the chocolate properly, resulting in silly-looking letters.

I overestimated the cost and the whipped cream made the cake more expensive than anticipated. Despite the high price, the cake was worth it. Despite the high price, the cake was worth it.Despite the high price, the cake was worth it. This was my first attempt at making such a unique cake.In the future, I prefer simpler cakes. Nonetheless, I would like to attempt another cake like this with more attention to detail.



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