Saitama’s famous confectionery “Yawaraka” was really soft.

During my visit to Kumagaya in Saitama Prefecture, I came across a candy at a station kiosk that I was unfamiliar with. It was called “Yawaraka.”

When I think of Saitama, “Soka Senbei” and “Jumangoku Manju” come to mind, but I did recognize “Tokachi Amanatto.” However, I had never seen “Yawaraka” before.

This dessert is a type of “raw sablé,” according to the description.The term “raw” does not refer to it being uncooked, but rather to the fact that it is made from carefully kneaded, flavorful dough that is gently baked. Japanese cuisine can be challenging.

Half a day later, while returning from Saitama to Tokyo, I retrieved a “Yawaraka” candy from my bag. I thought, “Let’s have some ‘Yawaraka’.”

Sadly, the candy was crushed in my bag because I had not stored it properly.

I should have been more careful since it wasn’t a “hard” candy. Regrettably, I couldn’t enjoy it.

Maybe when I’m older, I might think, “My household equipment isn’t working! What’s happening?” The operator might then suggest, “Sir, could you please check if the power cord is properly plugged in?” and my response might be, “How could I make such a simple mistake? Do you think I’m joking? Oh, wait! The cord wasn’t plugged into the outlet.”



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