I saw a kinder world at a college festival.

I went to a college festival at a certain university.

A place was set up at the entrance of the campus to vote on the popularity of the food and beverage booths.

There were eight plastic bottles lined up with the names of the dishes and a lot of BB bullets for model guns.

Vote for what you think tasted good!”

on the side of the BB bullets it says.

I was quite surprised at this lack of greed and competitiveness. Because it is so easy to vote fraudulently.

The system is not designed so that if you eat food at a booth, you get one ballot. So you can vote for a restaurant you have never eaten at, and there are plenty of BB bullets to substitute for the ballots; you can grab a BB bullet and put it in one plastic bottle.

However, the “you get a ballot if you eat food at a bake sale” system is also a breeding ground for fraud. It is impossible to have a fair system for this type of voting. That is why they may not pursue accuracy from the beginning.

Even so, the fact that only the “name of the dish” and not the “name of the restaurant” is written is also a remarkable and sobering fact. It is amazing that the departments and circles that have opened stalls are so unassertive.

I think it is a mistake to connect this to a critique of the youth generation, saying that “young people these days are more mature”. But I guess this is a generation for which this kind of bare-bones popularity contest is acceptable.



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