Let’s look back at past rave reviews: Robotic Window Cleaner HOBOT388

本当に使い物になるのか!?ロボット窓拭き機を導入する【HOBOT388】 Amazon.co.jpが毎年11月末に開催しているセール、「ブラックフライデー」にあわせて念願のメカを購入した。ロボット窓拭きだ。 窓拭きはほぼいつも僕が担当している家事...

Robotic window washers, as described in the article above, were introduced in 2021, a few months less than a year ago.

In that time, I have had many opportunities to wash windows, and I am writing about my perception of the current situation based on that.

Currently, there is no longer any use for this machine at all. In other words, it is not being used.

It is slow to clean and quite noisy. Moreover, since it has to be moved to the glass next to the sash every few minutes, it cannot be “left completely to the robot vacuum cleaner” and not require human intervention. Moreover, it is not as clean as expected.

After all, I now do my cleaning by hand.

However, thanks to this robot window cleaner, I can think, “Let’s clean the windows properly. It feels good to have clean windows. I would rather do it myself than get out the robot window cleaner,” and it was a great success that I got myself into the habit of cleaning windows.

Our house has several windows above waist level that do not face the balcony. This is where the robot window cleaner should come into its own, as it is time consuming to reach out and wipe the outside of the window with the window slightly open. But even this is rarely used.

This is because such windows are usually small and there is not enough space for the robot to move around and clean every corner. The number of leftovers is relatively larger than that of large windows, which means that the robot has to wipe the windows by hand.

People who would benefit from buying this robot are those whose houses have very large window panes or a height that is inaccessible to people. If you live in a luxury townhouse, or if you live in an ordinary person’s apartment, the robot doesn’t need to be used. If it is a single-family home, there may be a little more use for it, but in most cases the conclusion is that it would be faster if a person did it.

If I were to be honest, I would rate this machine based on whether it is “easy” or not, rather than whether it is “fast” or not. However, the reality of this machine is that it is not easy because it requires a babysitter, and I do not think that a breakthrough technology in this type of machine will appear in the next 5 or even 10 years.

At first, I was excited by the robot’s wobbly, gravity-defying movements, but as I got used to seeing it, I realized that my excitement was temporary. Based on my personal experience, I do not recommend buying it.



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